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Understanding Morganite - Your Favorite Gemstone

Posted on 19 July 2016

Morganite is a universally appealing stone - that is, when people know about it. Despite its beautiful color, Morganite is not as well known compared to its cousins emerald and aquamarine. This is probably due to its rarity and limited mining sources. Here is a quick summary of what to know about your new favorite gemstone and engagement ring alternative! 


Photo from www.gia.edu 

What Is Morganite:

Considered in same family as aquamarine (Beryl), yet less known among the commercial public. Its natural color ranges from pink to orange pink, but is often heat treated to improve the pink, reduce the orange and overall creates a lighter tone. Any heat treatment to the stone is permanent and never fades. 

What's In A Name:

Discovered by George Kunz in 1910, he named the stone in honor of his friend J.P. Morgan who was a major gem collector.  

Where It Comes From:

Originally sourced in Madagascar, the majority of morganite in the current market is mined from Minas Gerais, Brazil. There are also smaller producers from US, Namibia, and Afghanistan, yet less consistent.

The Morganite Look:

The pastel to salmon pink Morganite is most commonly used in finished jewelry. Paired with diamonds and rose gold combines classic luxury with fashion statement making style. The price points are comparable to emeralds and aquamarines as well. It's a new alternative to the traditional engagement ring! 



 To learn more about morganite, visit http://www.gia.edu/morganite



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